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Stacey Morrison: Raising hope

Stacey Morrison and family - Raising Hope

In the Morrison family, charity begins at home. Stacey Morrison is sitting on the couch at her Auckland home – her five-month-old daughter, Maiana nestled gently in her arms as elder children, Hawaiki (6) and Kurawaka (5), play quietly on the floor in front of her.

It’s not often you catch them sitting still – normally the kids would be playing some kind of sport on the lawn or swimming in the inflatable pool that’s been the pride of the family since the beginning of summer.

“Normally, we have to train them to have any downtime at all,” says Stacey. “Scotty wants one more, but nope, I’m done!” she laughs, as her husband of seven years comes around the corner.

With the couple juggling separate careers – Stacey co-hosts Auckland’s Classic Hits breakfast show and Scotty (41) presents Te Karere and Marae Investigates – organising and co-ordinating takes up a huge part of each day.

But they’re not too busy to teach their children about charity and are determined to raise them in the same community- minded way they both were.

The Morrison family is participating in the Sunrise Walk for Hospice, a 5km stroll in aid of Totara Hospice – an organisation Stacey represents as an ambassador.

“Being a mum does make you think differently about the world. These kids have the
luxury of being fussy. We want to teach them not to take things for granted and realise how lucky they are.”

The broadcaster has been involved with the organisation since her mum Sue spent her last days in a Christchurch hospice, before she passed away from breast cancer.

“I’ll always be grateful to them for those days,” she says. “Mum was scared of going to the hospice, but it wasn’t what she was expecting. It was such a godsend to my family.

“Doing the walk not only shows how appreciative we all are when Mum was there, but it will also be great to get our whole family involved.”

All members of the Morrison clan are taking part – including Maiana, who will get a great view of the action, held close Stacey and her clan can’t wait for the Sunrise Walk for Hospice to Stacey in a front pack.

Although she only gave birth last October, the 39-year-old is already incredibly trim – despite not getting in as much exercise as she’d like – but says running after her brood definitely helps.

“It’s always full on. If it’s not swimming, it’s golf, or tennis, or piano. They’re always asking what they’re doing that day, where they’re going. But that’s growing up as a Kiwi kid, isn’t it?

“People always ask me how I do it, but I’ve realised it’s because my husband is so hands on. “The only thing he doesn’t do is breast-feed. I guess that’s understandable.”

Sunrise Walk for Hospice, Sunday 14 April 2013 at 7.45am Totara Park. Register at

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