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Queen’s schedule “suspended” after leaving hospital

The Queen has left the King Edward VII hospital earlier than expected, after being treated for gastroenteritis 24 hours ago.

The 86-year-old monarch, who apparently insisted that “no fuss” be made of her in the hospital, smiled cheerfully as she thanked the nurses who had treated her for dehydration following her debilitating stomach bug.

A palace spokesperson said that the Queen has cleared her schedule this week so she can rest up. “Engagements cancelled or postponed this week remain so. Next week we’ll have to see, as she has only just been released from hospital,” a spokesman said.

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Yesterday it was revealed that instead of being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the Queen asked for a more low key private car. Before travelling to the hospital, she decided that even in her condition she would squeeze in one last commitment and awarded a favourite female member of staff a medal for long service in her private apartments at Windsor Castle.

“It would have to be something extremely serious for her to let a loyal member of her household down,” says a palace source.


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