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Kate Middleton’s kiwi trainer

The Duchess of Cambridge should get her trim figure back in no time once she has her baby in July, and it’s all thanks to advice from a Kiwi body builder. New Zealand fitness trainer Kelly Rennie, who has been living in the UK for nine years, has co-authored the e-book The Fit Mummy Manual and a copy was sent to Kate as soon as her pregnancy was announced.

“My business partner rang the palace and asked her how we could send the information and the DVD,” says Kelly. And last week, she was thrilled to receive a letter from the duchess’ private secretary, thanking her for her kindness.

“I think it’s amazing. I never thought I’d get a letter like we did,” Kelly told the Weekly from her home in Sheffield in the UK. The letter says, “The Duchess of Cambridge has asked me to write and thank you for the letter and the gifts in which you make Her Royal Highness aware of your services. It is extremely kind of you to take the trouble to write to us.”

A new mum herself, Kelly (30) knows what the duchess is going through. The book, which offers diet advice, includes a 12-week postnatal programme, to help her shed any weight she might have gained while carrying the royal heir.

Kelly and Nevaeh

Kelly got her svelte figure back within three months of having her first baby, Nevaeh.

“I’m around the same age as Kate and I think it’s something she would read and take note of,” says the award-winning body builder. Kelly got her figure back within three months of her baby, Nevaeh, being born last year. She expects Kate will also be back to pre-baby weight within the same time frame if she follows the advice in the e-book, published on the

“I had my abs back in 12 weeks, and people want to do it without surgery. “I’ve just been through it, so I know all the feelings that Kate is going through. And I’m so pleased she has her hands on all the information she needs.”

But avoiding stretch marks, which are common side effect of pregnancy, could be a different story. “A lot of it has got to do with diet, hydration and what you’re putting on your skin. I used a paraben-free organic cream every day, but it does depend on how fast you grow, so it’s different for each individual.

“But sometimes you just have to accept it – and the book is also about learning to accept your new body.”

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