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Kate Debate

Author Hilary Mantel (60) launched a personal attack on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, describing her as a “shop-window mannequin with no personality of her own” in a lecture at the British Museum.

Her tirade continued with other insults, including:

She has a “plastic smile”

Anne Boleyn and Princess Diana had far more personality

She’s a “machine-made” princess “designed by committee”

What do you think? Is Kate perfect or plastic?

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5 Responses to “Kate Debate”

  1. Sarahrosewalsh Mar 5 2013, 1:38am

    You have entirely misconstrued Mantel’s essay. The media took excerpts from the essay and made it sound like it was an attack on the Princess. While she does talk about Kate in a manner most wouldn’t like, she mentions other women in this role and how the public treat the Princess as their public property to criticise and admire. I would recommend reading Mantel’s essay and listening to her audio before jumping to conclusions. She is a brilliant writer and we shouldn’t discount this as much as I hate mainstream media’s pursuit of Kate for the public at large.

  2. gary.beecroft Feb 28 2013, 12:07am

    What an old bag Author Hilary Mantel is

  3. goatlady Feb 27 2013, 4:07pm

    I really don’t know why people find it necessary to be incredibly rude about the Duchess of Cambridge. She is a very pretty woman, who is always dressed appropriately and who behaves impeccably. She appears to be very well received by the public when she carries out her duties and has so far not put a foot wrong. She also clearly makes her husband very happy and seems to be well liked by the other members of the Royal Family. What on earth has she done to deserve the nasty comments? Nothing, it seems to me. So it must be just plain old jealousy.

    • kate490 Feb 27 2013, 8:38pm

      here, here. that writer and that way out fashion designer seem to have a severe bout of tall poppy syndrome and were probably bulles at school. She(Duchesss of Cambridge) is carrying on from where Wills’ beloved mother Diana left off.

  4. Rosalene Feb 27 2013, 3:58pm

    Look – I am no fan of the royals, time for a Republic, but here is a perfectly ordinary person suddenly swept into the pages of history, And if that is not fate bad enough, she has the parasitic gossip columnists and their ilk to contend with. She deserves a medal.

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