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Will Simon Cowell fire Demi Lovato?

Simon Cowell is refusing to confirm whether Demi Lovato will be returning to hit reality show The X Factor next year. The two judges have been arguing on the show for some time, and last week Simon called some of Demi’s comments “dumb”. On top of that, at a screening party last week he even accused her of dirty tactics.

In an interview with People Simon, who has two acts left in the contest, said Demi was being “bitchy and unpleasant” while critiquing his remaining acts Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony

“I’ve got to look after my artists. Luckily, they didn’t listen to her,” said Simon. “[Demi’s] fun… she really, really is a tough little thing. I know she plays the ‘I’ve been bullied’ [card] – trust me, this one gives as good as she gets.”

The acts remaining in the competition include Simon’s two groups, fellow judge Britney Spears’ contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar and LA Reid’s country singer Tate Stevens. As the series draws to a close, Simon is refusing to confirm who will be on the judging panel next season. “It’s that time of year [when] you’re always going to get asked that question, and I’m not going to answer it,” he said.

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