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Victoria Beckham sells wedding crown

Victoria Beckham is putting the $35,000 gold and diamond crown she wore on her wedding day in 1999 up for auction.

The couple’s royal-themed wedding in a castle outside of Dublin was estimated to cost around $956,000. The happy couple sat on his and hers gold-plated, red-velvet thrones at the reception.

Victoria wore a one-of-a-kind Vera Wang gown, which she accessorised with the 18-carat latticed gold crown, designed by Slim Barrett.

It features “brilliant-cut diamond details and suspending brilliant and baguette-cut diamond drops,” according to the description.

It’s unclear why the former Spice Girl has put the headpiece up for auction but there is already a lot of interest in the item, which goes on sale December 5.

Emily Barber, the director of Bonhams Jewellery Department said,

“Interest in the tiara expected to be two-fold because it is designed by acclaimed jeweller, Slim Barrett, whose pieces rarely come up for sale at auction. The fact that it was worn by international style icon Victoria Beckham on her wedding day adds even further interest to the piece, bringing it to the attention of a wider audience.”

2 Responses to “Victoria Beckham sells wedding crown”

  1. joan love Nov 21 2013, 2:38pm

    Many girls dream of being a princess. Seems as though Victoria Beckham went a step further than most. It would be impressive if she were to donate the auction proceeds to recovery work in the Phillipines.

    • Being Frank Nov 25 2013, 1:50pm

      Given that the Beckhams donate significant amounts of money to various charities, I would think it would be likely for her to do the same here… Can’t say the same for other celebs.

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