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Tom Cruise gatecrashes interview (VIDEO)

Although Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in the world, he was so desperate to be the centre of attention at the London premiere of his new film Jack Reacher that he crashed someone else’s interview.

Top Gear star James May was being interviewed by UK’s Absolute Radio when Tom (50) jumped in to say hi to James and the show’s racing driver, the Stig. Tom offered his hand to shake with the Stig, but the masked driver, who never speaks and whose identity is anonymous, snubbed the Mission Impossible actor.

“He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t shake hands either, how are you man?” joked Tom after the snub. James and the radio reporter explained to Tom that the Stig didn’t like him because he wasn’t in the movie, but Tom replied, “I did (all) the driving in the movie, sorry Stig.”

Tom, a huge fan of Top Gear, came in eighth on the show’s “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” leaderboard in 2011 behind Ryan Reynolds and Matt LeBlanc and the Top Gun actor seemed keen to return to Top Gear. “I had so much fun doing that show,” Tom recalled.

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