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Matthew McConaughey still plays the drums naked

He was famously arrested for playing the conga drums naked in his home, but Matthew McConaughey says that hasn’t stopped him from using the instrument in his birthday suit.

In October 1999, police stormed the Dazed and Confused actor’s home after a noise control complaint and discovered Matthew playing the conga. He was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The charges were later dropped and Matthew paid a $60 fine for his noise violation. But even though he’s now a married father of three, some things never change.

“Of course I still play the congas naked,” the father of son Levi (5), daughter Vida (3) and 10-month-old son Livingston told GQ magazine. ”I just close the windows.”

Matthew says he is trying to branch out from his easy-going image, which was one of the reasons behind his choice to take on more serious acting roles in the films Mud and Dallas Buyer’s Club.

The star says until recently he had “no frequency of his conception”.

“Now I get it,” he told the magazine. “Outdoors, shirtless on the beach, does a lot of rom-coms, girlfriend loves him, good-looking. It’s like he rolls out of bed and shows up and makes it look easy.

“I got much more selfish. When I say I have gotten a lot more selfish, I mean I am less concerned with what people think of me.”

He added, “I was enjoying myself. My relationship with acting was fine. But like in any relationship, you need to shake things up.”

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