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Madonna’s 13-year-old son records demo

Madonna’s son Rocco (13) is following in her musical footsteps, recording six demo hip-hop tracks with his best friend, Dom Sesto.
“They are called Modoccor – which is their names spelled backwards – and they combine rapping with street dance, gymnastics and break dancing,” a source told the Daily Mail.
“The pair are virtually inseparable and have recorded six demo tracks to send to record bosses. Madonna is obviously helping them as much as she can,” says a source.
But despite showing all the signs of being as driven and ambitious as his mother, Madonna is said to believe that her son’s interest in hip-hop will be short lived.
The source added: “Both Madonna and Guy [Ritchie, Rocco’s father] are behind them, but think it’s just a childish phase. Dom and Rocco are totally serious about it though and continually document their time in the studio.”

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  1. Lily1959 Aug 27 2013, 9:39am

    Hi,,hard to comment on no story?

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