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Lindsay Lohan can’t pay rent – report

As a probation violation and new assault charges threaten to see Lindsay Lohan spending Christmas behind bars, the star’s financial situation has become so dire she has reportedly had to borrow money from friends in order to pay her rent.

The 26-year-old recently borrowed money from Charlie Sheen in order to pay some of the $280,000 in taxes she is said to owe the IRS, but the troubled star didn’t help her financial situation when she backed out of a TV deal.

TMZ reports the Mean Girls star pulled out of a deal to appear on the home renovation show Million Dollar Decorators. “Sources close to Lindsay tell us she agreed to film the segment for the show earlier this year – and in exchange, the people behind MDD spent $200,000 [NZ$239,000] on expensive furniture and other trappings for her house,” TMZ reports. “We’re told Lindsay was initially co-operative – filming a furniture shopping segment back in March and spending several more days shooting in the home before the renovations.”

Lindsay is said to have stopped returning the TV producers’ calls as she tries to back out of her rental agreement, which sees her paying $9600 a month on her Beverly Hills home.

“She tried to get out of the lease and move out early, but we’re told the owners of the home told LiLo the penalty for breaking the lease was massive,” says the source.

For more on Lindsay’s dramas see this week’s issue.

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