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Kelly Osbourne sprains ankle to avoid falling in toilet.

Accident-prone star Kelly Osbourne has injured herself again – this time spraining her ankle. But the injury might have been the better of two evils, as the star revealed she sustained the injury because she almost fell into a public toilet.

“Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain. I was faced with spraining my ankle or eaten (sic) the toilet. Guess what I picked?” she tweeted her fans with a picture of her foot in a cast. “I sprained the muscles in my ankle that go up to the back of my knee, so it was the boot or crutches!”

Kelly Osbourne sprains ankle to avoid falling in toilet.

“I just could not bear the thought of my face landing in a public toilet! However, I’m now questioning my decision due to the pain!” she added.

Kelly has had a run of injuries over few years – in December 2011, she fell out of bed and fractured her hand in several places, one month earlier she got a black eye after she was hit in the face by a reclining chair while on a plane and last July she cracked her head open while visiting Miami for work.


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