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Is Susan Sarandon (66) engaged to her toyboy boyfriend (36)

She always maintained that marriage wasn’t her style, but Susan Sarandon (66) has been spotted looking for engagement rings with her boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin (36). The pair, who have been linked since 2009 and run a ping pong social club together in New York, were seen looking at rings in Amsterdam a few days ago.

Susan’s spokesperson Cassie Mead did not deny the engagment when asked to comment, but told the Daily Mail, “Susan just got back to NYC this morning from Europe, where she was receiving a Lifetime Achievement award from The Amsterdam International Film Festival.

Is Susan Sarandon engaged to her boyfriend?

“Between that, promoting Cloud Atlas, opening her new club SPiN LA at The Standard and the Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser she’s holding at SPiN New York on Friday night, there’s been no time to get married or go shopping.”

Susan lived with her former partner Tim Robbins for 21 years before they split, and has always said that marriage is not for her. “I believe in it for other people. I think if it works for you, that’s fabulous,” she told Katie Couric in a recent interview. “I don’t know, I was always hesitant… this idea of locking it in. I thought it would make it less spontaneous.” Susan also told Katie she hated being labelled a “cougar” by the public. “It’s like you are the cougar and they are the prey.”

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