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Has Taylor Swift found her Romeo?

Taylor Swift may have found her Romeo – the 23-year-old singer is reportedly dating Romeo and Juliet star Douglas Booth (21).

The Love Story singer and the British actor were seen together in London polishing off eight bottles of beer over a five-hour period at a Hampstead pub, reports Us Weekly.

The pair met through Taylor’s friend, actress Hailee Steinfeld, who is Douglas’ co-star in the latest film adaption of William Shakespeare’s famous play.

“They were talking animatedly,” a source told the magazine. “They got on really well.”

Taylor and Douglas were then moved to a private back room, where they ordered shallot tart and soft-shell crab starters. But in the words of the Bard, parting is such sweet sorrow – the star cross’d lovers will be separated when Taylor comes to New Zealand this week for her three concerts at Auckland’s Vector Arena.

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