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Has Johnny Depp rekindled fling with Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp has been spotted looking “flirty” with Amber Heard – the woman who is said to have played a pivotal role in his split with his long-term partner of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis. The New York Post reports that Johnny and Amber were spotted sitting together on a patio in the AV Nightclub in LA. Onlookers say the actors looked “flirty” and “sat close, conversing the whole time”. The pair were said to have shared an on-set romance while filming The Rum Diary, which continued until July this year.

Amber (26) was said to have cooled off her romance with Johnny as there was too much “drama” surrounding their relationship, but sources close to Johnny have said he has tried hard to woo her back – writing her a poem and a bouquet of roses every day throughout September.

Johnny depp rekindled fling with Amber Heard

Amber (26) was said to have cooled off her romance with Johnny as there was too much “drama”

She is said to have recently flown out to his private island in the Bahamas for a mini vacation.

“Johnny didn’t give up – he missed her so much over the summer. They both love literature and the way he tried to win her back totally worked,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“Johnny’s the type to fall hard and he’s vowed not to let a girl like Amber, who’s beautiful and intelligent, slip through his fingers,” the source added.

Johnny has apparently remained friendly with Vanessa, buying a home for her and their children Lily-Rose (13) and Jack (10) in LA.

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