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Grace Kelly film feud

Grace Kelly film feud

French director Olivier Dahan is at loggerheads with producer Harvey Weinstein over the new Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman.

The film was due out at the end of this year, and the La Vie en Rose director says delays in the release are due to artistic differences between him and the Hollywood powerhouse, who wanted a commercial film.

“There are two versions of the film at present, mine and his, which I find catastrophic,” Olivier told newspaper Liberation.

Olivier says Harvey wanted a “commercial film” and asked him to remove anything that is “too abrupt” and “everything that has to do with life”.

He added, “They made a trailer that did not correspond to the film, and then tried to make the film resemble the trailer. It’s absurd.”

Judi Dench's fear of being forgotten

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Judi Dench's fear of being forgotten

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