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Duchess of Cambridge under fire for grey hair

She keeps a busy schedule looking after a four-month-old, as well as keeping up her royal duties, but new mum Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been the subject of criticism for showing grey hairs.

Kate (31) took a surprise trip down to High Street Kensington in London today, where she greeted volunteer flower vendors for Poppy Day.

Catherine and Prince William met members of the Poppy Girls, daughters of military personnel who are releasing a song for charity to raise funds for the Royal British Legion, and rode the bus to the events.

But despite the new mum’s efforts to promote the good cause, style critics focused on Kate’s flat hairdo and the few silver strands around Kate’s parting.

“If you are going grey, it is important to part your hair where the grey does not show,” wrote hairdresser Daniel Galvin Jr in an article on the Daily Mail, which has sparked many negative comments from readers.

Kate, who is breastfeeding Prince George, may be avoiding using harsh chemical hair products to prevent any transference through breast milk.

Do you think the criticism of Kate’s is too harsh? Share your comments below

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3 Responses to “Duchess of Cambridge under fire for grey hair”

  1. dandepom Dec 12 2013, 6:36pm

    Just leave Kate alone. If you have nothing better to do than hunt for criticisms of someone who is young and a delight to see, then find another job. I wouldn’t ever use this hairdresser after his comments.

  2. NDawson Nov 14 2013, 11:29pm

    The criticism is too harsh. Yes it really is, we know the media have nothing better to do that find faults with people. The Duchess of Cambridge seems to be a Wonderful Woman a Great Mother and an Exceptional Wife, and does a few grey hairs make a difference to all of that. NO NO NO

  3. Cathe13 Nov 8 2013, 2:55pm

    Of course this criticism is too harsh and also completely unacceptable in today’s world.
    ANY negative comment on any aspect of a woman’s appearance is unacceptable.
    It’s sad that in this modern age, so many publications dwell on women’s appearance. I would far prefer to read pages about the achievements of women and use these as inspiration for myself and my two young daughters.
    Putting women down based on their appearance is one of the tools that is used by those in this world (and sadly in New Zealand) who still practise sexism, oppression and violence of any kind against women. It is therefore a very serious issue that we should all have a zero tolerance approach to.

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