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Discussion – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet

No chips, no spaghetti, no bread, no carbs, no way – Gwyneth Paltrow’s method of putting family first involves lots of strict dietary rules.

Editor Louise Wright says: “So when I heard that the perfectly poised Gwyneth Paltrow had banned her precious kids from tucking into such low GI delights, I screamed. Poor Apple and Moses must be starving. I’m all for eating sensibly, but in my view, depriving growing youngsters of carbs is bordering on irresponsible.”

Do you agree with Louise?

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What do you think about Gwyneth’s food choices for her children?

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8 Responses to “Discussion – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet”

  1. nzwomenevie Mar 23 2013, 8:30am

    She isn’t doing the right thing depriving her children. Those children problem wont have that much energy and might even start feeling ill. So what if chips and spaghetti are full of carbs it hasn’t killed anyone yet; let alone a child – they can still have it in moderation. I think she is a lovely woman but I can’t agree on her choice of bringing up her children

  2. Vivian Mar 22 2013, 8:35pm

    Considering she endorses the fur industry I already have a low opinion of her anyway and Gwenyth’s constant focus on food makes me wonder if she has an eating disorder. Something isn’t quite right with this woman…

  3. Gaynor Tait Mar 21 2013, 4:12pm

    We all need a certain amount of carbohydrates in our diet. How silly of Gwyneth to deny her children of the every day foods. It is when one lives on all ” quick, easy and convenient ” take aways, that the health suffers. A ballanced diet of breads ( wholemeal or grained in preference), baked beans, spagghetti, chips etc with plenty of fresh fruit, leafy greens, and other vegetables, and equal amounts of both red , white meats and fish —— equals a Healthy person. Drink lots of water to keep the body flushed of impurities. Fluids are important for a healthy body.

  4. maurie1365 Mar 21 2013, 2:23pm

    Come on people, she looks radiantly healthy. Do you really think your child will be deprived if you don’t feed it all that bad food. Chips – bad for you, bread – ok in very small amounts, spaghetti – nice, but not that good for you, just look at all the fat Italians. The trouble with kids today, is that dumb parents feed them too much convenience and junk food and that is why we have a huge obesity problem. Keep away from McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc. Don’t be lazy, make them proper healthy and nutritious meals, how hard can it be?

    • seashells Apr 11 2013, 10:19am

      No refined carbs? What could be wrong with that? Awesome I say. You can get carbohydrates from healthy sources like fruit and vegetables you know. Things like bread, chips and spaghetti are nutrient deficient and are basically “fillers” to make meals go further. No mention of legumes, they are half and half, carb and protein – not refined.

      I guess her care and consideration of her children’s diet *could* make others feel guilty about choices other parents make based on marketing and convenience. I think it is great someone is actually *thinking* about how they feed their children.

  5. leigh176 Mar 21 2013, 1:28pm

    I’d be interested to know if “no carbs, no way” is actually Gwyneth Paltrow’s mantra or the editor’s take on it. If it’s the editor’s take on it then the accusation of “bordering on irresponsible” is a ridiculous overstatement. There are lots of good quality carbs to be had from natural and far less processed foods that are readily available. Way better than filling kids up on spaghetti, chips and bread that may well be carbohydrate-rich but have little to no nutritional value – now that’s irresponsible.

  6. laura_actually Mar 18 2013, 9:29pm

    While Gwyneth Paltrow might be depriving her children of key nutrients, they are her kids, and if she wants them to eat or not eat certain things, then that is her choice as a mother.

    • Sarahrosewalsh Mar 21 2013, 1:51pm

      Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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