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Could Mel Gibson be the father of Jodie Foster’s children?

After Jodie Foster’s frank and heartfelt Golden Globes speech last week, Hollywood is buzzing with rumours that her good friend Mel Gibson is in fact the father of her two sons.

Insiders close to Jodie say she will tell her boys Charles (14) and Kit (12) who their father is when Charles turns 21, but Hollywood sources say Mel – who has been a close friend of the actress since they filmed the movie Maverick in 1994 – may be their biological father.

“The kids look just like him, but blonder,” one “amateur genealogist” told the New York Post.

When accepting the lifetime achievement award last week, Jodie (50) opened up about her sexuality and declared her admiration for former partner Cydney Bernard, calling her “one of the deepest loves of [her] life”. In the same speech, she told Mel, “You know, you save me, too”.

Jodie was one of the few people to stand by Mel (57) after his anti-Semitic rant and alleged abusive treatment of his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva (42).

It has also been suggested that the sperm donor was Randy Stone, an openly gay casting director who passed away from of heart disease in 2007.

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