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Christie Brinkley denies daughter has had plastic surgery

Uptown girl Christie Brinkley (59) has denied her daughter Alexa (27) has had plastic surgery.

Rumours started circulating that the daughter of Christie and singer Billy Joel (63) had multiple plastic surgeries on her face and breasts after she attended a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week event in a V-neck dress that revealed her buxom figure.

Christie posted a 400-word rant on Facebook, defending her daughter’s actions.

Christie Brinkley denies daughter has had plastic surgery

“One of the most painful things a mother can endure is to see her child be bullied. Alexa has endured so many vicious attacks on her looks…even as a child! She was not a public figure… she was a child,” she wrote.

Christie later appeared on US talk show Anderson Live to discuss her daughter, who she describes as a “late bloomer”.

“She’s stepping out into the world, she’s doing things and now [her critics] can’t even accept it – it’s like, ‘Oh she’s too beautiful, she bought it all, it’s all plastic surgery,’” Christie told host Anderson Cooper.

“She happens to be endowed very generously and in last week, all of a sudden … there’s a V-neck, now you see the cleavage,” Christie said. “Suddenly, there it is, [people saying] ‘She’s had all this work done.”

Christie Brinkley denies daughter has had plastic surgery

Christie did admit that her daughter had undergone rhinoplasty, calling it “a little tweak of her nose,” but said the surgery was the “only thing she has had done”.

Alexa – a musician, who has also worked as a fashion correspondent – has admitted in the past that growing up the daughter of a pop star and a supermodel has been tricky.

In 2009, Alexa was hospitalized after she ingested multiple pills of the homeopathic medicine Traumeel during a bout of depression.

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