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Bradley Cooper dirty dances at Baftas (PHOTOS)

Bradley Cooper (38) might be nursing a hangover today after his wild night at the post-Baftas party – which included a sexy hook-up with British actress Alice Eve.

Bradley put his recent split from Avatar actress Zoe Saldana behind him at the Bafta’s after-party when he walked up to the Men in Black 3 actress and began to dance.

“Bradley made a beeline for Alice, who was pretty much the envy of every woman in the room,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“He didn’t hold back as he held onto the actress and showed off some pretty sexy moves for quite some time.

Bradley Cooper dirty dances at Baftas (PHOTOS)

“They really got the party going and soon everyone was joining in around them.” Bradley was later seen dragging actress Amy Adams to the dance floor where the pair danced with “wild abandon”.

To end the night, Silver Linings Playbook actor was seen leaving the party in the same taxi as Bond girl Gemma Arterton and the pair were seen looking “flirty”.

Bradley had been dating Zoe in 2011, but broke up with her in March of last year. The pair rekindled their romance in September, but split for good before Christmas – because, according to sources, his mum Gloria disapproved of Zoe.

“Like all mums, Gloria is very protective of her son, and gets to know his girlfriends well. She approved of Renée Zellweger and they are still friends to this day,” a source told Radar Online.

“But she just didn’t click with Zoe, found her difficult to get to know and it seemed like Zoe was perhaps a little intimidated by her.”


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