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Brad Pitt sleeps in the trenches

Brad Pitt’s career has gone to the pits, literally, as he and his co-stars are sleeping in the trenches on the set of his new WWII flick Fury.

A source said, “Brad and his co-stars have been crashing on set,” a source told The Sun.

“In order to experience what it was like in the Second World War, they’ve been staying in tents and trenches. They certainly look the part too. They’re far from bright eyed and bushy tailed. They all look knackered.”

While production of Fury will continue until just before Christmas, it’s not all hard work for Brad and his castmates – the group are set to visit London’s Hyde Park and enjoy the annual Winter Wonderland theme park, although it’s unclear at this stage whether Brad and Angelina Jolie’s six children will join them.

A source added, “We are shooting until around December 22. It’s pretty full on with filming and there’s not much free time. But when they get a chance they’ll be hitting Winter Wonderland.”


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