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Brad Pitt deemed “too dumb” for museum committee

Brad Pitt deemed “too dumb” for museum committee

Academics have questioned Brad Pitt’s credibility to serve on the committee of LA ’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The National Enquirer reports that Brad, who has been a longtime enthusiast of culture and architecture, has applied for a position at MOCA position, but museum insiders say he is unlikely to be given a place.

“Brad’s always been a huge supporter of the museum,” said a source.

“So he had someone feel out members of the selection committee to see if they’d be interested in him participating at a higher level. While they admire Brad’s ambition, I think the fear is that Brad might be a little on the dumb side to serve on an art board.”

Brad, who has an art collection valued at around $30 million, dropped out of the University of Missouri to pursue his acting career.

2 Responses to “Brad Pitt deemed “too dumb” for museum committee”

  1. joyeh Aug 21 2013, 6:47pm

    You are SOOOOH right I totally agree. But I wouldn’t say “poor Brad” Just proving that Commitee knew a thing or two

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  2. tineke123 Aug 21 2013, 5:26pm

    Poor Brad ,always thought he had a few missing marrying that slut hahahaha! Blood vials etc, and marrying that Billy Bob etc

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