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Brad and Ange’s brood go wild in pizza parlour

Angelina Jolie (37) and Brad Pitt (48) have some interesting ideas about raising their six kids – letting them run wild in a pizza parlour. When the Jolie-Pitt brood visit Springfield, Missouri, Brad and Ange hire out the local pizza parlour and let the kids “go bananas”.

“The place shuts down for an entire night and the kids raise a ruckus,” an insider told Us Weekly. “They jump on the tables and even throw food at one another,” says the source of Maddox (11), Pax (8), Zahara (7), Shiloh (6), and twins Vivienne and Knox (4).

But Brad and Ange are on their best behavior, using their pizza parlour nights as a way to catch up with each other. “Brad and Ange just sit there and talk to one another while their children run around in circles,” says the source.


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