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Beyoncé mimed to save her voice?

Singer Beyoncé emerged for the first time since her lip-syncing controversy last week.

The Crazy in Love singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram at Mother’s restaurant in New Orleans following the accusation she lip-synced the US national anthem at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

Singer Beyoncé emerged for the first time since her lip-syncing controversy last week.

Marine Corps Band director Colonel Michael Colburn, who accompanied Beyoncé’s performance, said the singer was in the process of preparing for her upcoming Super Bowl performance and didn’t allow herself enough time to rehearse for the inauguration performance, deciding to save her voice for the halftime show instead.

“She’s getting ready for the Super Bowl so we didn’t have chance to do anything with her until the night. It’s a very tight window of opportunity,” he said.

The admission also came after claims that Beyoncé said she lip-synced because the weather was too cold.

“She didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Pavarotti has done it! It was freezing out, and if she messed up just one note, that would have been the story,” a source told Us Weekly.

“Everybody uses these tracks, and the music director advised it. Any big outdoor live performance is almost always with some kind of track.

“She did sing, but used a track.”

Justin Timberlake will also perform his first concert in four years at a Super Bowl pre-party. The singer will perform his new single Suit & Tie and has released a music video teaser clip to satisfy his eager fans.

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