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Are Russell Brand and Jemima Khan over already?

After declaring that he was “eschewing all others” to be with Jemima Khan, Russell Brand declared “I’m currently single” at a recent gig in Atlanta.

Russell, who was seen walking arm in arm with Jemima in New York a few weeks ago, declared his single status at the end of the US leg of his Messiah Complex world tour, before the 38-year-old kissed several fans who were seated in the front row.

During the show, a pair of pink underwear was thrown on the stage during his routine, and Russell wrapped the knickers around his legs and fell to the floor of the stage.

Jemima and Russell were seen on a number of low-key dates in London over the past month. Jemima’s brother, Robin Birley, was said to be “mortified” that his sister was dating a former heroin addict.

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