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Angelina Jolie’s aunt dies of breast cancer

After revealing her decision to have a double mastectomy, following her mother Marcheline Bertrand’s death from ovarian cancer, Angelina Jolie is facing new heartbreak as her aunt Debbie dies from the disease.

Angelina’s uncle, Ronald Martin, told Sunday People how his wife Debbie (61) has been given just hours to live.

“She had a seizure and we took her to hospital. They have turned off the life support and her family is all here holding her hand. This is the love of my life … My wife is hanging in there,” said Martin.

“It’s just a matter of hours. She’s a fighter. I have reached out to Angelina to tell her what’s going on … [Debbie is] in a coma. It’s breast cancer but I think it has spread everywhere.”

Angelina and her aunt were said to be very close, and sources say Debbie was very supportive of Ange’s decision to have the double mastectomy. Marcheline passed away in 2007 and her grandmother, Lois Bertrand, and great-grandmother, Virginia Gouwens, were also taken by cancer.

Angelina is planning to have further surgery to remove her ovaries to reduce her risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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