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Adele in talks to play Dusty Springfield

Adele in talks to play Dusty Springfield

Rolling in the Deep singer Adele is in talks to play 60s pop singer Dusty Springfield in an upcoming film. The project is billed to be penned by Boardwalk Empire screenwriter David Stenn, and would follow Dusty’s experiences as she went through a period of reinvention in 1968 when she moved to Memphis and worked on Dusty In Memphis.

“There’s a project — and it’s true Adele is attached — but it’s in an early stage of development,”a studio executive told the Daily Mail.

Adele has in the past cited Dusty’s classic, Son of A Preacher Man, as one of her favourite numbers. The London-based spokesman has refused to comment on the negotiations, although it’s believed that Adele will not commit to the role until she has read the completed screenplay.

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