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Frankie Adams: It’s hard to lose a friend

Frankie Adams was genuinely heartbroken while filming scenes for her latest storyline on Shortland Street, which returns to TV2 this week.

Before the cameras started rolling, the bubbly 20-year-old was already crying as she knew she had to say goodbye to a castmate, whose character was killed in last month’s explosive cliffhanger.

“It was so sad. We were genuinely crying in the scene because we were upset in real life that person was leaving – the cast become like family,” says Frankie.

Although fans contact her daily on Twitter, trying to get her to reveal the outcome of the shocking series finale, Frankie is tight-lipped.

But she opens up to the Weekly about the other major plot line which sees her character, ambulance driver trainee Ula Levi, embroiled in the mystery of who killed Travis (John Tui). Although Ula’s mother Vasa (Teuila Blakely) is a key suspect, Ula plays detective to prove her mother’s innocence. Even though Frankie’s relationship with her own mother, Lau, is very different – “we are much more sensible!” – Frankie says that, like Ula, she would stick by her mum through anything.

“I would do the same for my mum if it were a real-life situation,” she says.

After three-and-a-half years on the show, Frankie thought she had seen it all – particularly after wearing a prosthetic pregnancy belly when her character was expecting. But the actress says the scene where she discovers Travis’ dead body was extremely confronting.

“I had to leave the room because I didn’t like seeing him like that,” reveals the sensitive actress.

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