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Discussion – Anna Guy’s new life

In this week’s issue, Anna Guy is looking relaxed and happy – a far cry from the pain she showed last year.

The estranged wife of Ewen Macdonald – the man acquitted of murdering her brother Scott Guy – has now become a household name following the emotional trial of her husband and her new media career.

Have your say – what do you think of Anna’s new life?

What do you think of Anna’s new life?

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24 Responses to “Discussion – Anna Guy’s new life”

  1. taniamaree Apr 1 2013, 1:51pm

    Have just read some terrible comments posted about Anna Guy, gosh give her a break, I love reading all her news in the magazine and watching her on TV recently. She is so bubbly , fun and outgoing. Go Anna! We as a nation watched constantly and followed The Scott Guy Case and they touched our hearts, what a beautiful family and it’s nice to see how they are moving on.
    She would be fantastic on TV and certainly has the talent, so give Anna a break.

  2. beanz Mar 31 2013, 10:54am

    Wow….Tall Poppy Syndrome all over again – how predictable NZers are. It’s just sad that there are people out there who will take the time to write something to bring someone down, all with the help of the media. Build her up then provide a platform to criticize her. Puts me off buying your publications. All the best to Anna and her family.

    • Jusalu Mar 31 2013, 2:46pm

      Dear beanz, anna chose to put herself on magazine covers and tv for money,shes over done it cashing in on tragedy no wonder the publíc are critising her theyve had enough she has over done it herself,tall poppy syndrome i think not

  3. Jusalu Mar 25 2013, 11:55pm

    Totally agree Anna Guy attention seeker , sad for the children constantly having there parents on the tv. Advertising the new man who wasn’t the first she met after separating. Other murder family members have not carried on like this in the media, look at the Clayton Weatherston
    murder case of Sophie, her mother quietly does so much for charity through preventing violence, not cashing in on fame. Time to stay our of the media and concentrate on family Anna

  4. laura_actually Mar 25 2013, 5:59pm

    It’s great that she has found happiness again, but there is no need for her to share all her private live’s details with the general public.

  5. sophierh Mar 18 2013, 3:48pm

    She obvoiusly loves the media attention, not entirley her fault (come on journos your scraping the bottom of the barrell!) but she should back away for the sake of her children, nephews and her bereaved sister in law!! Timing is everything, in the meantime go and learn about the craft the proper way,

  6. thehoff Mar 18 2013, 12:00pm

    Has she any thought for her kids???? How her glory hunting achievement’s might be affecting them???? If she did think about them you would think she would want to live a quiet life and bring some normality for her kids sake rather than throwing herself in front of any and every camera that offers her glory!!!…. I don’t believe she has really thought about them at all…. but rather herself more….

  7. Shika52 Mar 16 2013, 5:11pm

    After what Anna has been through she is now moving on. I wish her all the very best.

  8. pretty lady Mar 16 2013, 10:26am

    Yes , sick to death of her. She has no TV experience and then all of a sudden she becomes a “celebrity”. No wonder the experienced presenters are brassed off and don’t want to be associated with her. Her claim to fame is one to be ashamed of.

  9. nanadee1 Mar 16 2013, 8:18am

    I agree, I won’t be buying into her life story either. My thoughts are with Scott’s wife and family. They are showing great dignity in their silence

  10. kiwithruanthru Mar 16 2013, 2:11am

    Anna, move on with your life, but please do it in privacy and behind closed doors. I wonder how Kylee feels seeing you constantly on the cover of magazines. It must be a heartbreaking reminder of the tragedy her and her boys have been through. You are coming across as a “media whore” who is cashing in on a sad situation.

    • nanadee1 Mar 16 2013, 8:15am

      Absolutely agree! And isn’t her name Anna MacDonald??

    • maurie1365 Mar 21 2013, 2:25pm

      Agree with your sentiments.

  11. Anniefw Mar 15 2013, 9:06am

    Come on people, Leave the poor girl alone. She has suffered more than is possible for one person. She is a lovely person who has been dignified and I feel beyond reproach so come on embrace her and treat her with love and kindness. Its about time she had some her yound life. Anyone who posts a negative reply is just plain nasty and spiteful. Anna you rock!!

  12. nzwomenevie Mar 15 2013, 8:29am

    OMG Why are people so mean to her? Leave her alone. She is entitled to all of the attention and I am happy for her. It isn’t her fault her husband was a weirdo. As for poor Kylee Guy, well maybe she is still grieving over Guy and has chosen to stay out of the lime light.

  13. Katrina11 Mar 15 2013, 6:58am

    Good on you Anna, go for it. The media will always profile someone who is a part of a story and Anna is no exception. She has lost a brother and has chosen not to be with her husband for what he has done. It is not her fault that the media has profiled her so put yrself in her place and support her for what she has been thru – no mean feat.

    • thehoff Mar 18 2013, 11:52am

      Your right its no mean feat to have had to deal with what she has, but does one need to glorify it to have a life???? Most people would want to put it behind them and help build a life for there kids to bring normality!!!!… Clearly her agenda is to be “someone” at the expense of her children’s future for normality…. She seems to have enjoyed the process to get to where she is or you wouldnt want to sell yourself so much!!!

  14. jeanettesweet Mar 14 2013, 8:41pm

    In my opinion I think it’s great that she’s getting on with her life in a positive way. However, It deeply disturbs me that it appears she is using the tragedy to raise her public profile and profit from it, which is infinitely wrong.

  15. annann29 Mar 14 2013, 7:36pm

    No one had heard of Anna Guy until her brother was gunned down and her husband went to jail. I am surprised that anyone would want to exhibit herself and try to promote herself from such as losing a brother, and being married to a man that has done the things Ewan McDonald has done.

  16. ek1064 Mar 14 2013, 5:02pm

    Im all for someone to pick up the pieces & move on after such a tradgedy. But it seems ‘just wrong’ to benefit from and work within the industry (media) that sensationalised the whole tradgedy. I think she will feel right at home! If she isnt very good at the job, at least you will have her notorioty to fall back on. I dont know that I would want to be remembered and known for being the ex-wife of an acquitted ‘ person who was accused of murdering my brother. No matter what anyone says she will always have that association and I think people will (are) get sick of seeing her and being reminded. If she had gone on, been successful, I think people will have liked that. Seeing her in the media sort of takes away any sympathy you may have had. In saying all that, a woman has to make a living somehow, and with that notoriety it would be quite hard for her.

  17. helz51 Mar 14 2013, 4:08pm

    I am saddened to think that Anna is using both the death of her brother and her husbands trial for murder to further her career and profile.
    Coming from Feilding where the whole event took place, I feel ashamed to think that one of our kith and kin so to speak has become such an attention junkie. Really people, there are far more interesting things out there to concentrate on than a silly little girl who need everyone to know how wonderful she is. PLEASE

  18. Brenda Ann Mar 12 2013, 4:52pm

    I am sick and tired of Anna Guy. Where is this women’s dignity .
    She is nothing but a “Fame Whore”.
    It is my belief, that she is milking” all the attention she can get.
    You don’t hear or read about Kylee Guy starting a “new life”.
    Kylee has my sympathy , she had handle herself with style and grace.
    A lesson little miss fame whore can learn.
    I will NOT buy any magazines with Anna Guy in them, claiming to be “starting over”
    PLEASE NO MORE editorials on Anna Guy… BORING

    • thehoff Mar 18 2013, 11:46am

      I have to agree with you Brenda…. I don’t think she has had any thought for her kids in this situation either!!!! Kids are affected be it good or bad publicity and they need to be able to get on with life.. I don’t think she actually thinks about that. She is clearly too busy trying to rind the coat tails of a tragedy to better her own life!!!! … The saddest thing about it is shes USED her brothers death feather her own nest and that’s just plain wrong!!!!!

    • joyeh Mar 23 2013, 9:34pm

      I just voted in favour of her, but after reading some of these reviews I think I’ve changed my mind. I agree with you & several others about her hogging the limelight to her own advantage. As has been said; What about her brother His widow & their children Come on Anna step back a bit & think about your family

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