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Anna Guy’s new love!

If there’s one New Zealand woman who has been able to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and move on to a brighter future, it is Anna Guy.

The former wife of farmer Ewen Macdonald – the man accused of murdering her brother Scott Guy – has now become a household name following the gripping and emotional trial of her husband and her new media career.

And it’s clear from the happy expression on Anna’s face while she shares a joke with her new partner, marketing executive Brent Jameson (32), that starting a new life in Auckland agrees with the mother of four.

Anna Guy with her new partner Brent Jameson

The natural beauty’s happiness is a contrast to the pain she showed post trial (below). Anna credits Brent for getting her through the tough times.

She told TV3’s current affairs show 3rd Degree last week she has no regrets leaving Feilding and moving herself and her children to Auckland, where she is living on the North Shore in a house owned by Brent.

Brent – who is formerly of Dannevirke and is now a senior marketing specialist with financial services company AMP – has helped Anna through the worst crisis of her life when her husband was charged and later acquitted of Scott’s murder.

Brent’s mum Joan Jameson is clearly fond of Anna, saying her son was “getting on really well – they’re very happy.” Joan says she met Anna frequently and she was “lovely”.

“I’m not feeling guilty at all for being in love,“ Anna told the current affairs show, adding that her children, Finn (9), Jack 8), Lucy (6) and Wade (4) are enjoying having someone new in their lives.

Anna with her father Bryan Guy while addressing media outside the High Court in Wellington, July 5 2012.

An emotional Anna after Ewen was found not guilty in 2012.

Anna is also making the most of new career opportunities that have come from being in the spotlight, and rejects criticism she has exploited her tragedy.

“I haven’t thought I’m riding in on Scott or Ewen’s wave at all. But that happens to be my past,” she told 3rd Degree. She has not looked for the broadcasting opportunities which have come her way, including a segment on a local radio station, working with the team at 3rd Degree and also helping to present a lifestyle programme.

“Life is short so you might as well do what you want to do,” she says. “I want to be known as Anna Guy, not Ewen Macdonald’s ex-wife.”

With her ex-husband still serving time in prison, Anna has pointed out that it’s been left up to her to care for the children. “I need a job and I’m a single mother,” she said. “If I’ve got a choice about what I’m going to do, I’m not going to take on a job that I’m not happy in because if I’m not happy, my kids aren’t happy.”

Anna Guy with new partner Brent Jameson

“Life is short so you might as well do what you want to do,” says Anna.

She believes her marriage would have ended regardless of Ewen’s murder charge. “Ewen with his lies would have come out – whether it was then or five years later.”

She doesn’t know whether he would be capable of killing her brother, but said that the jury should have been made aware of the allegations of arson, vandalism and killing calves.

“I don’t have to have him in my life. He can see the kids sometimes and ring them, write a letter, but he’s not going to be an everyday part of our lives.”

After the heartache of the past two and a half years, she finally has her spark back.

One Response to “Anna Guy’s new love!”

  1. nzwomenevie Mar 23 2013, 8:48am

    You Go Girl – I am so happy for her. The picture above at the hearing is just sad, the look on her face tells it all.
    She is happy now, and as she said if she is happy then her children are happy. Good Luck Anna

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