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10 ways with egg

Eggs are a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal.  Here are our top ten egg recipes for you to enjoy.

Easy serve bacon and egg burrito

You will have seen these in cafés and wondered how you can make them – it’s so easy!


Asparagus with garam masala, chilli, air-dried ham and poached egg

This dish is from the French-German border region of Alsace. We have given it a flavour update with the addition of a little garam masala and chilli when cooking the asparagus, which is just delicious!


Scotch eggs with spiced fresh tomato and lemon salsa

This salsa has tomato sauce and a fresh tomato – it may look and sound too intense, but it’s really amazing with these delicious traditional eggs!


Boiled egg with swiss cheese and bacon soldiers

As a child we all enjoyed dipping our toasted “soldiers” into eggs. Here is a light, nutritious meal that will satisfy the adults as well as children. If you can’t find Swiss cheese, simply replace


A delicious sauce recipe for eggs benedict

I love eggs benedict with smoked salmon but it often makes me feel a bit ill as the sauce can be incredibly rich. Is it possible to make a low-fat version…

Simon Gault’s recipe tips

Tips on how to cook eggs

A friend and I were chatting about our favourite ways of cooking eggs. She likes hers scrambled, while I poach mine.

Simon Gault’s recipe tips

How to make scotch eggs

Scotch eggs are one of those foods that have never gone out of favour since Nana’s day, although I doubt many of us make them any more, preferring instead to buy them from a deli or the supermarket.

Food & recipes

Egg custard tarts

These delicious egg custard tarts are a great for entertaining – the leftover evaporated milk can be frozen for later use.


Egg salad club sandwiches

Other child-friendly sandwich suggestions include pesto, avocado and tomato, and peanut butter with banana


Kids in the kitchen: bacon, egg & spaghetti pies

These tasty and hearty pies are perfect for after-school fuel or for a relaxed weekend meal. Fleur (8) can make them completely on her own and her friends love it when she cooks enough to share.


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