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Dear Diane, Recently I’ve noticed lots of news stories in which coroners advise parents not to share a bed with their baby. I can understand this in terms of drinking, smoking or drugs, and the possibility of rolling on the child and smothering it. But I don’t indulge in any of those vices and my […]


Children and their first cellphone…

Dear Diane, What age do you think children should get their first cellphone? My eight-yearold reckons everyone else in her class has them, but I feel she’s just too young. I worry about all that weird stuff like “sexting” and the whole thing just feels wrong – as well as being expensive. How do I […]

Issue 1541

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Simon Barnett’s 7 magic rules

In this week's issue of New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine: Simon Barnett reveals his seven magic rules for raising girls.

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