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Meet the Kiwis proud to be Stroppy Old Women

"Stroppy” and “old” are terms women usually try and avoid at all costs. In the book Stroppy Old Women, Paul Little and Wendyl Nissen explore what brings out the boisterous sides of well-known New Zealand women.

Pork steaks with pumpkin mash

Pork scotch fillet steaks with pumpkin mash

Pork scotch fillet steak is a great cut as it is marbled with just enough fat to keep the meat juicy once cooked. Ask your butcher or supermarket for this cut if it isn’t on display – it’s worth it.

Crush your cravings

Crush your cravings

Cravings can be very hard to resist! We have some steps you can take – other than relying on willpower alone – to combat them.

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Kate Middleton's full house

In this week's issue of New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine, Kate Middleton gets ready for a full house and the Queen celebrates her 89th birthday.

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