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Prince Harry

The freedom of the spare heir

Princess Charlotte will enjoy a life more ordinary that George's as the 'spare heir'. We look at the freedom that comes with not being next in line for the throne.

The Anchoress

Book review: The Anchoress

The Anchoress is a fascinating glimpse into another world and another time – when women were so powerless that being locked away in a tiny cell until you died was preferable to being a plaything of men.

Lemon cheese

Lemon cheese

This is not a recipe for lemon curd, which is often called lemon cheese. Instead, it’s a lovely creamy soft cheese with a faint hint of lemon, which you can spread on toast or crackers.

Prince Harry

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Mad about Prince Harry

In this week's issue of New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine: We look at the magic moments Prince Harry shared with us all.

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